Newsletter | March, 2008

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Celebrating Jose de Diego Day

There are a few people in the history of Puerto Rico that stand out from the rest. These are people who have bravely fought for the rights of the Puerto Ricans, enriched their literary world, brought color to the island with their arts and have created beats and rhythms for dance, escape and celebration. One of the most celebrated and fondly remembered Puerto Rican advocates has always been and still remains, Dr. Jose de Diego.

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Saborea Puerto Rico: A Culinary Extravaganza

There is no better way to experience the tradition and culture of a country than through its food! Tasting, smelling and exploring new textures and flavors provides a sensory celebration of the unique and delicious cuisine that adds to your adventure in Puerto Rico. As such, visitors to Puerto Rico in April will not want to miss the 'Saborea Puerto Rico: A Culinary Extravaganza' festival of food and wine.

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Trump International Golf Club Puerto Rico Development

Situated in the north-east Caribbean, Puerto Rico is a country of great natural beauty and a popular tourist destination. In the near future Puerto Rico will have an additional attraction, which many believe will serve as an added boost to the tourism industry of the country. United States business and property tycoon, Donald Trump, has announced plans to extend his already thriving golf business, by building a US$ 600 million golf complex on Puerto Rico's northern coast. This golf complex will be known as Trump International Golf Club Puerto Rico.

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Upcoming Events:

Festival de la China Dulce

Las Marias - 15 March 2008 - A lively festival dedicated to tasty sweet oranges.

Puerto Rico Open

Rio Grande - 17 March 2008 - The Puerto Rican leg of the renowned PGA Tour, taking place at Coco Beach Golf and Country Club.

Fiestas Patronales de San Jose

Lares - 19 March 2008 - A festival dedicated to the patron saint of Lares, San Jose.

Fiestas Patronales de San Benito Abad

Patillas - 31 March 2008 - A festival dedicated to the patron saint of Patillas, San Benito Abad.

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