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In this month's newsletter we are pleased to offer articles about the Laguna Cartagena National Wildlife Refuge, Surf's Up in Puerto Rico, and Taste of the Caribbean 2010.

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Latest Articles:

Laguna Cartagena National Wildlife Refuge

Efforts to rehabilitate the Laguna Cartagena began in 1989 with the lagoon and surrounding land being leased out through the Puerto Rico Land Administration. During the year 1996, the area was increased to ...

Surf's Up in Puerto Rico

Surfing enthusiasts know that where Kelly Slater and Taylor Knox meet, the best surfing in the world is about to take place. They have become synonymous with world-class surfing and have taken on the waves of many ...

Taste of the Caribbean 2010

There is nothing more delightful than visiting a foreign country and tasting their local cuisine, experiencing traditional flavors and experimenting with different dishes. For members of the culinary industry ...

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