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In this month's newsletter we are pleased to offer articles about the Carmen Solá de Pereira Ponce Cultural Center, Fernando Luis Toro Casa, and Cementerio Católico San Vicente de Paul.

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Carmen Solá de Pereira Ponce Cultural Center

Located in Barrio Tercero, which forms part of the Ponce Historic Zone, is a structure of cultural and historical significance to the city. The Centro Cultural de Ponce Carmen Solá de Pereira, or Carmen Solá de Pereira Ponce...

Historical Fernando Luis Toro Casa

The city of Ponce in Puerto Rico has a long history, and is thus known for its many historical attractions and its superb architecture. Many of these structures can be found in the Ponce Historic Zone, which includes La Alhamb...

Cementerio Católico San Vicente de Paul

Tucked away in Magueyes Urbano, a residential suburb of Ponce, is the historical landmark of Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Cemetery (Cementerio Católico San Vicente de Paul). This strictly Catholic cemetery was developed at ...

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